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On a daily basis, FloridaBids.com scans each of the following categories for supplies and services that our customers can provide.  Simply let us know which categories interest you, and, every time a new bid opportunity is introduced in your area of interest, FloridaBids.com will get the RFP details for you and forward the succinct and accurate details to you via email. 

As you will quickly see, our time-saving, bid referral service allows you to focus on your businesses while we focus on getting you more Florida bid opportunities.  Your bids will be current, on target and exactly what you seek.  If not, let us know and there will be no deduction for that lead.

Please look through the following PARTIAL list of services and supplies for which we currently scan.  Initiate a membership and we will start looking for bid opportunities for you that very same day.

Partial List of Things For Which We Can Search

Accounting or Financial Services
Accounting/Financial Management Studies
Acquisition Policy/Procedures Studies
Administrative and Service Buildings
Administrative Support Services
Advanced Development of Hardware
Advertising Services
Aerial Fertilization/Spraying Services
Aerial Photographic Services
Aerial Seeding Services
Aeronautic/Space Studies
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Agricultural Supplies
AIDS Training
Air Pollution Surveys
Air Quality Analyses
Air Quality Support Services
Aircraft & Airframe Structural Components
Aircraft Components and Accessories
Aircraft Launching, Landing, & Ground Eqpt
Airfield, Communication and Missile Facilities
Alarm, Signal & Security Detection Systems
Ammunition and Explosives
Anesthesiology Services
Animal and Fisheries Studies
Applied Research and Exploratory Development
Archeological/Paleontological Studies
Architect and Engineering Services
Architect-Engineer Services
Arts/Graphics Services
Auditing Services
Automated Information System Design/Integration Services
Automated News or Data Services
Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
Backflow Services
Backup and Security Services
Banking Services
Basic Scientific Research
Bond Underwriting Services
Books, Maps, and other Publications
Bridge Construction & Design
Brushes, Paints, Sealers, and Adhesives
Building Rental
Building Technology Studies
Cardio-Vascular Services
Care of Remains and/or Funeral Services
Carpet Laying and Cleaning
Cartography Services
Cataloging Services
Certifications and Accreditations
Chaplain Services
Charting Services
Chemical/Biological Studies and Analyses
Chemicals and Chemical Products
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Clothing, Individual Equipment, & Insignia
Commercial Loans
Communications Services
Communications Studies
Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) Services
Computer Repair
Computer Sales
Computer Training
Concrete Repair Services
Conservation and Development
Construction and Building Materials
Construction, Mining, Excavating Eqpt, etc.
Containers, Packaging, & Packing Supplies
Contract, Procurement, and Acquisition Support Services
Cost Benefit Analyses
Courier and Messenger Services
Court Reporting Services
Credit Reporting Services
Custodial - Janitorial Services
Data Analyses
Data Collection Services
Data Conversion Services
Data Entry Services
Debt Collection Services
Defense Studies
Demolition of Buildings
Demolition of Structures or Facilities
Dentistry Services
Dependent Medicare Services
Dermatology Services
Development of Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments
Digitizing Services. Includes Cartographic & Geographic Info
Direct aid to tribal Governments and Organizations
Economic Studies
Education and Training Services
Education Services
Educational Buildings
Educational Services
Educational Studies and Analyses
Elderly/Handicapped Studies
Electric Power Generation (EPG) Utilities
Electric Services
Electric Wire, Power & Distribution Equipment
Electrical & Electronic Equipment Components
Endangered Species Studies - Plant and Animal
Energy Studies
Engine Accessories
Engineering and Technical Services
Engineering Development
Engineering Drafting Services
Engines, Turbines, and Components
Environmental Studies and Assessments
Eqpmt, Software, Supplies & Support Eqpmt
Equipment and Materials Testing Inspection Services
Evaluation and Screening
Expert Witness
Facilities Operations Support Services
Facility Operation and Maintenance Services
Faculty Salaries for Dependent Schools
Feasibility Studies (non-construction)
Fiber Optics Materials, and Accessories
Film Processing Services
Film/Video Tape Production Services
Fire Control Equipment
Fire Fighting, Rescue, and Safety Equipment
Fire Protection Services
Fisheries Resources Management Services
Food Preparation and Serving Equipment
Food Services
Foreign Government Standards
Foreign Policy/National Security Policy Studies
Forest Tree Planting Services+A64
Forest/Range Fire Rehabilitation Services
Forest/Range Fire Suppression/Presuppression Services
Fueling and Other Petroleum Services - Excluding Storage
Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes
Funeral and Chaplain Services
Furnace, Steam Plant, Nuclear Reactors
Gas Services
Gastroenterology Services
General Health Care Services
General Photographic Services - Motion Audio/Visual Services
General Photographic Services - Still Print/Binding Services
Geological Studies
Geophysical Studies
Geotechnical Studies
Geriatric Services
Geriatric Services
Government Disability Insurance Programs
Government Health Insurance Programs
Government Life Insurance Program
Grazing/Range Studies
Ground Effect Vehicles, MotorVehicles, etc.
Guard Services
Guided Missiles
Gynecology Services
Hand Tools
Hardware and Abrasives
Hazardous Substance Analysis
Hazardous Substance Removal, Cleanup, and Disposal Services and Operational Support
Hematology Services
Highways, Roads, Streets, and Bridges
Historical Studies
Hospital Buildings
Household/Commercial Furnishings & Appliances
Housing and Community Development Studies
Industrial Buildings
Industrial Hygienic
Industrial Investigation Service
Industrial Investigation Surveys
Industrial Investigations, Surveys and Technical Support for Multiple Pollutants
Information & Data Broadcasting or Data Distribution Services
Information Retrieval
Insect and Rodent Control Services
Inspection Services
Installation of Equipment
Instruments and Laboratory Equipment
Insurance Services (All types)
Intelligence Services
Intelligence Studies
Interior Landscaping
Internal Medicine Services
Janitorial and Maintenance Services
Laboratory Testing Services
Land Surveys, Cadastral Services
Land Treatment Practices Services
Landscaping/Grounds keeping Services
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
Leaking Underground Storage Tank Support Services
Lectures for Training
Legal Services
Legal Studies
Library Services
Lighting Fixtures and Lamps
Live Animals
Logistics Support Services
Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, and Veneer
Mailing and Distribution Services
Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment
Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
Management Engineering Services
Manpower Studies
Marine Architect-Engineer Services
Materials Handling Equipment
Mathematical/Statistical Analyses
Measuring Tools
Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
Medical and Health Studies
Medical Services
Medical, Dental, & Vet. Eqpt & Supplies
Medical/Psychiatric Consultation Services
Metal Bars, Sheets, and Shapes
Metalworking Machinery
Microform Services
Mobilization/Preparedness Studies
Modification of Equipment
Musical Instruments, Phonographs, Radios
Natural Resource Studies
Natural Resource Surveys
Natural Resources and Conservation Services
Neurology Services
Non-Building Structures
Non-Government Insurance Programs
Nonmetallic Crude Materials
Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Ordnance
Nursing Home Care Contracts
Nursing Services
Oceanological Studies
Office Machines and Text Processing
Office Supplies and Devices
Oil Spill Response including Cleanup, Removal, Disposal and Operational Support
Ongoing Audit Operations Support
Operation of Government-Owned Facilities
Operations Research Services
Ophthalmology Services
Optical Scanning Services
Optometry Services+A165
Ores, Minerals & their Primary Products
Organization/Administrative/Personnel Studies
Orthopedic Services
Otolaryngology Services
Parking Lot Planning and Services
Parking Lot Striping
Pathology Services
Pediatric Services
Personal Property Management Services
Personal Services
Personnel Testing
Pesticides Support Services
Pharmacology Services
Photogrammetry Services
Photographic Equipment
Photographic, Mapping, Printing, and Publication Services
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
Pipe, Tubing, Hose, and Fittings
Plumbing, Heating, & Sanitation Equipment
Podiatry Services
Policy Review/Development Services
Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding
Preparation and Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property
Production Engineering Services
Professional Services
Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Program Evaluation Services
Program Management/Support Services
Program Review/Development Services
Programming Services
Psychiatry Services
Public Relations Service
Pulmonary Services
Pumps and Compressors
Purchase of Structures and Facilities
Quality Control Services
Quality Control, Testing and Inspection Services
Radiation Equiptment
Radiology Services
Railway Equipment
Range Seeding Services
Range/Forest Improvements Services
Real Estate Agent Services
Real Property Appraisals Services 
Recreation Site Maintenance Services
Recreation Studies
Recreational and Athletic Equipment
Recreational Services
Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Equipment
Regulatory Studies
Reproduction Services
Research and Development
Research and Development Facilities
Reserve Training (Military)
Residential Buildings
Roadway Striping
Roofing Material and Services
Rope, Cable, Chain, and Fittings
Salvage of Aircraft
Salvage of Marine Vessels
Salvage Services
Scientific and Management Education
Scientific Data Studies
Security Studies (Physical and Personal)
Seed Collection/Production Services
Seedling Production/Transplanting Services
Seismological Studies
Service and Trade Equipment
Ship and Marine Equipment
Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, Floating Docks
Simulation Specifications Development Services
Site Preparation
Snow Melting Material
Snow Removal/Salt Services
Social Rehabilitation Services
Social Services
Soils Studies
Solid Fuel Handling Services
Space Vehicles
Special Industry Machinery
Special Notices
Special Studies and Analyses
Stenographic Services
Subsistence (Food)
Surface Mining Reclamation Services
Surgery Services
Surplus Property Sales
Surveillance Services
Survey Line Clearing Services
System Acquisition Support Services
Systems Analysis Services
Systems Development Services
Systems Engineering Services
Technical Assistance
Technical Representative Services
Technical Writing Services
Technology Sharing/Utilization Services
Technology Studies
Telecommunications and Transmission Services
Telecommunications Network Management Services
Telephone and Field Interview Services
Telephone and/or Communications Services
Teleprocessing and Timesharing Services
Textiles, Leather, Furs, Apparel, etc.
Thoracic Services
Tires and Tubes
Topography Services
Toxic Substances Support Services
Trade Issue Studies
Training Aids and Devices
Training/Curriculum Development
Transcription Services
Translation and Interpreting Service (Including Sign Language)
Trash Hauling
Trash/Garbage Collection Services
Tree Breeding Services
Tree Thinning Services
Tuition, Registration, and Membership Fees
Urology Services
Utilities and Housekeeping Services
Vehicular Equipment Components
Veterinary/Animal Care Services
Warehouse Buildings
Warehouse Rental
Warehousing and Storage Services
Waste Treatment and Storage
Water Pollution Surveys
Water Purification & Sewage Treatment Eqpt
Water Quality Studies
Water Quality Support Services
Water Services
Weather Reporting/Observation Services
Well Drilling/Exploratory Services
Wildhorse/Burro Control Service
Wildlife Management Services
Wildlife Studies
Woodworking Machinery and Equipment
Word Processing/Typing Service



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